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  • Uncertainty and confusion : the starting point of all expertise / Ged Hall, Helen Morley and Tony Bromley
  • Reflection: start small, think big : the hard path to success for the ECR / Kate Walker
  • Developing an academic identity : what's the time Mrs Wolf? / Tracey Hayes
  • Reflection: reflexivity, doubt and social tensions in collaborative research as a foundation for positive research impact / Alex McDonagh
  • Creative-practice research, impact and the REF / Isabella Streffen
  • Reflection: thinking laterally : a public health practitioner's view of impact / Victoria Gilroy
  • Knowledge exchange as impact / Louise Maythorne
  • Reflection: communicating research to policymakers / Diana Wariria
  • Experimenting with interdisciplinarity : researcher development and the production of impact / Robert Meckin and Sandrine Soubes
  • Reflection: research impacts of engineering for society, with society / Anh Tran
  • Connecting epistemologies and the early career researcher / Helen Graham, Katie Hill, Peter Matthews, Dave O'Brien and Mark Taylor
  • Reflection: collaborative work of early career researchers : does the impact agenda transcend continents? / Anna Mary Cooper-Ryan, Alex M. Clarke-Cornwell, Jenna Condie
  • Propelled for take-off? : the case of early career social science researchers in South Africa / Ke Yu, Ian Edelstein, Balungile Shandu
  • Reflection: international impact : what is the problem? can I solve it and will anyone benefit? / Emma Heywood
  • Doctoral education and the impact gap : what we can learn from "prof docs" and why it matters for early career researchers? / Smith-McGloin: Prof Docs
  • Reflection: knowledge transfer partnership, the ECR, and the humanities / Jessica Medhurst
  • Engaging with the impact ecosystem / Kieran Fenby-Hulse
  • Reflection: putting social responsibility at the heart of the institution : the research experience and career development of early career researchers / R.L. Cowen, J. Gracey, D. Johnson.